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At The Law Office of Joshua A. Kittenplan, P.C., we are experienced in obtaining favorable support amounts for our clients whether they are the supported party or the supporting party. Our office has substantial experience handling a wide range of spousal and child support matters.  

Spousal and Child Support Guidelines:

– Spousal support may be ordered to be paid by either party (supporting spouse) to the other party (supported spouse)

– Amount is largely dependent on both parties’ income as well as other factors such as the length of the marriage and the marital standard of living

– Child support is determined based according to New York statewide guidelines, and generally lasts until the age of 18. See NY state Child Support calculator here.

– Child support is largely calculated based on both parties’ income, the custodial timeshare of the parties’ children, and other factors

– The parents can also agree on a different amount not based on the guideline; the court will generally approve if the agreement is in the best interests of the children

Child Support Modification: When things change

Sometimes, even after a final judgment of divorce or support, a parent’s circumstances may change significantly due to a loss in income or a change of location. If you or your spouse’s circumstances have changed in some way, The Law Office of Joshua A. Kittenplan can work to advocate for your best interests, and the best interests of your children.

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