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Guidance Through the Challenging Process of Adoption


At the Law Office of Joshua Adam Kittenplan, we guide our clients through the challenging process of adoption.  We explain each step of the adoption to ensure that our clients are familiar with the process.

An adoption can be an incredibly exciting event for a family and provides you the opportunity to start or expand your family.  The process is often laden with an extensive amount of paperwork, as well as background checks, home visits and interviews.  The legal guidance of an accomplished adoption lawyer can help you navigate the intricate and sometimes frustrating adoption process with ease whether it is a step-adoption, nonbiological parent adoption or same sex adoption.

Required Steps in the Adoption Process

  • Select an adoption agency
  • Submit an application
  • Complete a home study program
  • Attend training that is sponsored by your agency
  • Work with a caseworker to find a child to adopt
  • Visit the child
  • Bring the child home with you

The Law Office of Joshua Adam Kittenplan can help you and your family have a smoother adoption process. We are familiar with the adoption laws in New York and can utilize our knowledge and experience for your benefit.

We also offer personal legal support for matters such as: